Ever Wonder Why Your Photos Don't Look Like The Pros?

Stop Wondering & Start Learning...

Is It All In The Equipment?

You may think that buying the latest lens or camera will make you a better photographer. Nothing could be further from the truth. Better photography comes from mastering the fundamentals, and going out and doing it! That’s why the lessons are sent in weekly increments, so you have time to go out and practice what you’ve learned. Then send some images to me, if you are in the interactive class, and I’ll go over them with you in the discussion each week.

Can Anyone Get Outstanding Results?

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced amateur, SLR, iPhone or other camera user, you’ll benefit from and enjoy this workshop. The main focus of this workshop is keeping it simple, mastering critical basics, and opening your eyes to See and Think Like A Skilled Professional Photographer. Only then can you shoot like one!

How Long Does It Take To Show Real Improvement?

The "interactive workshop" includes critique/discussions based on submitted student work. This feedback will help you to quickly improve your images and enjoy photography even more. You are also encouraged to send in files prior to the workshop, as well as for the weekly discussions. The pre-workshop  files will tell me what specifically needs to be covered in addition to the planned material, and the weekly files will help you reach your goals through the valuable critique/discussions.

What If I Miss A Week?

You Have Lifetime Access To These Recorded Sessions That Are Viewed On Your Own Schedule. This allows you to make sure you grasp each section to your satisfaction. Then if you still have questions, I will answer them. That being said, I have taken a number of classes this way myself and am convinced that it’s the best way to learn in the modern “busy” world that we live in. Being able to access the material at anytime to reinforce your understanding and/or to accommodate your schedule is an invaluable component.

"Shoot Like A Pro" Online Workshop

Steve Payne Here To Invite You To Join Me For Shoot Like A Pro...

Why Shoot Like A Pro IS Your Best Choice For Learning

Watch this short video and find out how you can easily improve your photography and have lifetime access to an ever expanding library of photo training.

...Where You Can Truly Take Your Photography To The Next Level From The Comfort Of Your Own Home. In this video I want to give you a brief idea of what an online course looks and feels like. The beauty of this kind of structure is the ability to go back and watch the segments again and again, until you are completely competent in, and understand each area.

All of the lessons are presented  in short segments clearly labeled, and easy to watch wherever you are, with your mobile or desktop device. Each lesson is designed to keep things as simple as possible and be equally helpful to the beginner, as well as the intermediate photographer. Once you complete the course, you will have continuing and unlimited access to the sessions.

In addition to the pre-recorded sessions, you are invited to send in work each week for discussion. In these recorded critique/discussions I look at the students images and suggest ways to improve them both when out in the field shooting, as well as in post editing. Past students have found this extremely helpful! You are also welcome and encouraged to ask questions about lessons you don’t understand or issues that are not covered. If the question is relevant to the entire group I will post a short video for all to see and learn from, if it is unique to you, I will answer you personally. Even though the sessions are pre-recorded, I am here for you the entire way, ready to help in any way that I can!

Key Benefits of The "Shoot Like A Pro" Online Workshop

  • Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced hobbyist you will gain insight and techniques for better photography.
  • No matter your current skill level, reviewing the fundamentals of pro level photography will always give you the opportunity to improve.
  • You will gain the confidence and skills needed to take better photos.
  • You will be a much better photographer with the equipment you have, and have knowledge to purchase only what you really need.
  • You will get the info that’s right for you now, and to help you grow as a photographer over time.
  • You will grow as a photographer in a few weeks, not years.
  • Each week you will see your skills improve, resulting in better photographs and a clearer understanding of exactly what to do.
  • Each week you will have the opportunity to have your photos critiqued/discussed; to truly maximize your learning and improvement!
  • And...You will have fun and learn at the same time!

Workshop Topics by Week

Week 1 Topics

A New Approach
What It Means To Think Like A Pro
The Right Equipment For You
What Really Makes A Great Photo
Seeing The Light
Basic Composition
Discussion of Submitted Work
First Assignment

Week 2 Topics

Exposure Secrets
Using Aperture Priority
Depth of Field
Putting It All Together
Discussion of Submitted Work
Second Assignment

Week 3 Topics

small things make A Big Difference
Basic Digital Workflow
Why Shoot Raw + Jpeg
Using Adobe Camera Raw
Discussion of Submitted Work
Third Assignment

Week Four Topics

Other Editing Options
Thoughts On Cropping
What I Was Thinking
Discussion of Submitted Work
Fourth Assignment

Week 5 Topics

Reflectors & Subtractive Lighting
Fill Flash, Closeup Photography,
Shutter Priority, Manual Exposure,
Workshop Summary & Review
Discussion of Submitted Work

ABOUT THE ASSIGNMENTS: The suggested assignments each week are only that, suggested. They can be a jumping off point for your own version of the assignment. The real purpose is merely to get you thinking and doing with a goal in mind. I want you to get what YOU want out of this course, therefore the flexible assignments.

Some Comments From Previous Workshops

Steve is an excellent photographer, but not all excellent photographers have the communications skills to convey their knowledge effectively. Steve does, and he was prepared each week with photo examples to explain the concepts we were to learn. The on-line course allowed for interaction via keyboard so we could ask questions, and he welcomed questions. It's also an extremely good value, Steve keeps adding material if he thinks it will help you learn!

Al Peery

The way Steve teaches the course the student is encouraged to enjoy photography, and to be unique and creative. I feel less intimidated by my camera after taking the course.

Caroline Coleman

Steve's class was a delight! He inspired me so much to think differently when planning and taking photos. Especially helpful were the hints and editing ideas for our images we downloaded prior to each week's class. I've only used auto or scene settings prior to this class, but now I'm motivated to try some of the other dials! Steve really seems to enjoy teaching and sharing his knowledge, whether you are a novice like me, or someone wanting to become a professional.

Jean Biggs

I am very pleased with what I have learned, and what I am continuing to learn thanks to having 24/7 access to the lessons. Steve is very clear that he wants to make things as easy as possible to grasp and put to use in the field. Thanks Steve!

Jay Michaels

Kudos Steve! Thank you for the inspiration and thoughtful sharing of your knowledge. It’s obvious that you love what you do and it shows in your presentation.

Michael Switzer

Steve's workshop inspired me to stop worrying about what I don't know and make the most of what I do while continuing to learn and improve. I am enjoying my photography more than ever and have the results to show for it!


Now IS The Time To Improve Your Skills & Enjoy Photography Even More!

Learn To Think Like A Pro...

You will gain a new way of thinking about your photography, and how to get the best results and the most enjoyment out of it, without spending your life studying technique. The equipment you have in your hands doesn't matter as much as the way you think about the situation, and how to get the most out of it with what you have to work with. You will learn to Think Like A Pro and Shoot Like A Pro!

All You Need To Attend This Course Is A Love of Photography and A Desire To Learn!

This Course Is A Fantastic Value...

  • Steve Payne, your instructor, is a world-class photographer with decades of success as a fine art, portrait, and corporate photographer, and he loves to share his knowledge.
  • You can view the recordings 24/7, no worries about missing a class, it’s all on your schedule.
  • YOUR work will be discussed (anonymously) giving you the most feedback and learning possible.
  • You will learn the most important techniques, to quickly improve your photography over a short period of time... weeks, not years.
  • Your photography will improve after each and every class as you are able to quickly apply what you’ve learned.

Your Instructor Steve Payne

is a noted world-class photographer with over 25 years experience.

His commercial photography has been featured in hundreds of publications across the country. Steve was a very early adopter of digital photography, and has been an expert in this area for many years.

His fine art photography of his beloved West Virginia and surrounding Appalachian Mountain areas, resides in corporate and private collections around the globe.

100% Guarantee

If after the second week of class, you aren’t satisfied that this workshop is for you, just drop me an email and I’ll refund all your money. Simple as that!

Get Started Now & Learn To Shoot Like A Pro!

There Are Two Ways To Join Shoot Like A Pro

The Self Guided Course is $97 and includes the same weekly content as the interactive version, but you will not be able to submit images for critique/discussion.

The Interactive Course is $225 and as well as the weekly content, includes the ability to submit images for discussion each week.  You will also gain priority in submitted questions, often answered in depth as part of the weekly discussion recording. AND...It's All 100% Guaranteed!

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